Administration Block

37 Quay Street, Manchester M3 4AH   |   Status at Jun ’19: MOSTLY DEMOLISHED

Completed in May 1956 following Granada’s acquisition of the land in 1955, this was the first modern building to be constructed on this timber yard site which was once home to a 19th century potato market – of which one of the buildings remains today, forming part of the main entrance just off Quay Street. The building consisted of a two-storey office block and small studios (Studios 2 & 4) – Studio 4 being the smallest, which hosted The Beatles’ first ever television performance in 1962. This studio was later converted to the main reception area, although relics could still be found hidden above the ceiling tiles!

In December 1957, a larger studio (Studio 6 – Coronation Street‘s original home) and galleries were built and a subsequent link block was constructed in March 1959 to connect the Administration Block to Studio 6 and the newly-constructed eight-storey Granada House. This allowed an additional storey to be incorporated and for the creation of a canteen beside the adjacent sunken lawn. The link block also included wardrobe, make-up and dressing rooms – plus a film/audio library and sound effects studio (re-purposed as a recording studio in 1979 when it was used by Joy Division, and more recently used as a backstage area for The Jeremy Kyle Show).

A ‘technical block’ containing an outside broadcast operations room and standards conversion unit was also added between 1958 and 1959, which later housed the ITV Granada/ITN regional newsroom and connected tape library. The news set was located in the adjacent Studio 2. There were plans for ITV Granada to be re-housed in the Bonded Warehouse in 2007, and although there is some evidence to suggest that this was at least partially undertaken, it would appear that the Bonded Warehouse was eventually only used as additional office space.



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