4 Atherton Street, Manchester M3 3GS   |   Status at Jun ’19: PART-DEMOLISHED (Workshop DEMOLISHED)

In 1962, a four-storey annexe building connected to Granada House was built on Atherton Street. The building was designed in the same style as Granada House and its purpose was primarily to create additional office space but also to conceal a linked studio block containing Studios 8 & 12 that was built shortly before the annexe (in around 1958).

This combined studio part of the annexe includes production galleries, dubbing suites and a transmission suite on the level directly above the studios – plus a plant room, battery rooms, electricity substations/switchgear and access to studio grids (used for lighting) on the levels above. There are also dressing rooms at studio level, which supplemented those located in the earlier link block.

At the former Grape Street side of the building, a glazed entranceway with a canopy leads to both gallery and studio levels via two sets of stairs. This entrance was at one point used as an audience entrance for TV recordings, prior to its use as Coronation Street‘s ‘Weatherfield Central Police Station’ (front desk) set from around 2010. On the outside wall adjacent to this is a large photograph of the now-demolished Silverdale Street in Droylsden, which was used as a backdrop for Coronation Street:

Directly below this area is the scenery runway (known as the ‘M1’ corridor), used for props storage and movement, and an interconnected workshop known as the ‘production warehouse’ (added in around 1974; possibly slightly later) with seemingly ad-hoc office space on both the bottom and mezzanine levels, and a transmitter room in the south-east corner. Close to these areas is also secured access to the underground Manchester and Salford Junction Canal (circa 1839) and the Grape Street pedestrian subway, linking this building to the Bonded Warehouse.

The top floor of the office part of the annexe housed the Coronation Street production offices – complete with a tape archive and trophy cabinet – until the move to MediaCityUK in 2013.





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