Baronial Hall

Grape Street/Quay Street, Manchester M60 9EB   |   Status at Sep ’18: DEMOLISHED

Adjacent to the workshop, this part of the site once acted as a lobby for various parts of the Granada Studios Tour including the ‘Kodak Theatre’, ‘Motion Master’ 4D cinema, hall of mirrors and a Las Vegas-themed room, which once displayed Elvis Presley memorabilia. Some of these areas were later used for the storage of Coronation Street props.

The hall also contained a working 1935 Wurlitzer organ and tea room, but the organ was removed and re-built at Tenby Museum & Art Gallery in 2009.

In recent years, the hall and surrounding areas have been used for filming but are now mainly used for storage. An adjoining building beside the gatehouse was also part of the Granada Studios Tour (originally the ‘Manhattan Playhouse’ attraction) and once featured as a ‘casino’ in Coronation Street‘s Weatherfield Precinct set, the remainder of which was across the former railway goods yard, in and around the Arches.

In the yard itself was previously a New York street set (also part of the Granada Studios Tour) and toilet block for visitors. During the Tour years, the Arches were used as retail units.




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