Globe and Simpson Building

88-100 Quay Street, Manchester M3 4PR   |   Status at Sep ’18: DEMOLISHED

Constructed circa 1935 on the site of houses, engineering works, and a pub; the Globe and Simpson Building is a standalone two-storey Art Deco style structure, built as a Manchester engineering works for Sheffield-based Globe and Simpson Ltd – a retailer, wholesaler and repairer of electrical/other motor goods and fuel injection engines. A single-storey garage to support these operations was added to the rear of the building soon after construction. This was built adjacent to Back Quay Street – a small road, around 40 metres in length, which has served little purpose since the area around it was cleared in the mid-1870s.

Although most of the building’s historic features have been replaced, it retains its original brickwork and clock tower at the front of the building, as well as timber staircase elements inside. The building retained its original use up until September 1975 (when records show ownership by Injection Maintenance Limited, which can be traced back to Globe and Simpson Ltd), when it was acquired by Granada for the storage of filming equipment.

In around 1977, the garage extension at the rear of the building was replaced by Granada with a new extension to house workshops, additional storage/office space and a new garage for outside broadcast vehicles.

The early-mid 1980s saw a proposal for the building to be converted into a snooker club and bar/restaurant, with alternative plans also pitched for recording studios/rehearsal rooms. However, these never progressed (incidentally, there was already a recording studio beside the Administration Block, directly opposite – in situ for this purpose since 1979).

In late 1989, the building became the Manchester headquarters of PROVISION, a film and television equipment hire company, which is a subsidiary of ITV Studios (formerly Granada Productions). It retained this use until relocation in September 2013, where operations are now split between other studios across the city.



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