Water Street

Water Street, Manchester M3 4JQ

Even outside of the former Granada Television Centre complex, a number of remnants of Granada’s heritage remain today – many of which can be found along and around Water Street.


Granada Studios Tour gatehouse   |   Status at Sep ’18: DEMOLISHED

For 11 years, this feature was the entrance to the Granada Studios Tour up until its closure in 1999. However, it retained the ‘GRANADA STUDIOS’ branding until around 2011, when this was removed and painted over. An ITV logo was added soon after, but removed in 2013 when the premises were vacated. The original ‘GRANADA’ part of the signage can still be seen today (December 2017), albeit disguised by the re-paint. Sadly, mould has since developed and much of the paint has begun to peel:



Manchester and Salford Junction Canal (River Irwell junction)   |   Status at Jun ’19: UNDER CONSTRUCTION

Opened in 1839, the Manchester and Salford Junction Canal was a part-underground canal which ran from the River Irwell to what is today the Bridgewater Basin, situated beside the Bridgewater Hall. Although the canal has been disused since 1922, there are substantial dry (and some waterlogged) subterranean areas of it that remain accessible and were last used as an air raid shelter during World War II. In the late 1980s, the then Chairman of Granada, David Plowright, had a vision of placing gondolas into the part of the canal beneath the Annexe building as part of the Granada Studios Tour, but this sadly never came to fruition. There are interactive maps of the canal here and here.



Granada Fishing Club   |   Status at Sep ’18: AS-IS

The Manchester city centre stretch of the River Irwell – specifically, the section roughly between the Irwell Street Bridge and the junction with the Manchester and Salford Junction Canal [Lock 1] – was once used by the Granada Fishing Club, presumably for the avid fishermen (and women) amongst Granada workers. On the Salford side of the river, a small footpath was used. However, it would appear that the primary angling point was the riverside walkway on the Manchester side, running beside the Victoria & Albert Hotel and just across the road from the Granada Studios Tour gatehouse – which is where the remaining sign still stands today:



Additional staff car park   |   Status at Jun ’19: UNDER CONSTRUCTION

From 1994-1999, the area of land known officially as ‘land on the north-west side of Water Street’ was used as an overspill car park for visitors to the Granada Studios Tour (the main car park was opposite the gatehouse – see above). Following the closure of the attraction, the car park was subsequently used to provide additional staff parking, and is split into two by the Trinity Way Bridge (but connected by a small road that runs beneath it). In the background of the below photo of the car park, the Hotel Campanile Manchester can also be seen, which was significant to the production of Granada Reports. The car park is currently being used by Network Rail contractors to support the construction of the Ordsall Chord rail extension, but will later be built on.


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