This page is under construction, but once complete, will contain a list of all TV programmes (and films) produced at the Granada Television Centre over the decades. These will be featured in a list format, with the name, date, production company/broadcaster and studio that was used – which will be one of the following:


  • Studio 2 – 1956-present
  • Studio 4 – 1956-? (demolished)
  • Studio 6 – 1957-present
  • Studio 8 – c.1958 – present
  • Studio 12 – c.1958 – present


  1. Odd number studios didn’t exist, as the even numbering was used to give the impression that there were more studios (odd numbered ones) than there actually were!
  2. Studio 10 did exist, but not at the Granada Television Centre. This studio was in fact the Granada-owned Chelsea Palace Theatre at 234 Kings Road, London, and operated from 1957 to around 1965.


  • Stage One (recently renamed ‘Studio 1’) – early-mid 1980s-present
  • Stage Two – mid-late 1980s-2013
  • Recording studio – 1979-present
  • Starlight Theatre – c.1988-c.2008
  • Breeze Studio – 1998-present
  • The Stables (production space) – 1969-2013
  • Bonded Warehouse (studio space) – c.1982-present
  • Other areas featured on this site.
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